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An Vibrant Intersection of Culture and Fashion


The collaboration with graphic design talent and knitwear specialist CYNTHIA & XIAO, brought up a vibrant intersection of Chinese Culture and fashion. The exclusive collection celebrating the notion of joy & love as well as Lunar new Year 2022, Year of the Tiger.

Celebrate Love #InniuItalyCynthiaandXiao


Wishing everyone a holiday season filled with LOVE

To celebrate the year of the tiger, Inniu and CYNTHIA & XIAO will be collaborating in a capsule collection for Chinese New Year 2022. With the mission of spreading Joy and Love through knitwear. Chinese New Year, a warm and loving festival, where families come far and wide to be with their loved ones, to share meals, and connect with each other. The "Tiger Love" artwork shows two tigers face to face, admiring and respecting each other. 


The visual of a tiger usually symbolised toughness, fear, and power, however, CYNTHIA & XIAO wants to bring out the happy side of the tiger. A friendly and jolly tiger that just woke up from a good nap in the forest. A reminder to just relax and enjoy life! On top of the bold block colours, the lines are drawn with very relaxing freestyle brush strokes, similar to Chinese ink calligraphy.

Year of the Tiger #TigerLove2022


Maximum Style. Minimum impact.

Introduce designs that are suitable to the season and occasion to  avoid excess operational waste rather than following the fashion industry's timeline. With high quality material, 100% merino wool will last you for years. We opt to reduce fashion waste and maintain healthy relationship with suppliers to protect the mother earth.


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